Welcome to the Game Products Trust Fund Website

The Game Products Trust Fund (GPTF) was established by an Act of Parliament that was signed by the President on 07 September 1997 and published in terms of Article 56 of the Namibian constitution. The formation of the GPTF was aimed at ensuring that revenue raised from the use of wildlife and their products that are recovered from state land is reinvested into activities that are aimed at wildlife management, conservation, rural development and activities aimed at promoting the coexistence of human and wildlife. The need to establish the GPTF was also engendered to address issues related to human-wildlife conflicts. The GPTF has been supporting wildlife management, conservation, projects to improve rural livelihoods and activities aimed at harmonizing the co-existence of human and wildlife for over ten (10) years by awarding grants to communities and organizations throughout Namibia. This website features information about the GPTF, how it is managed and steps on how to access its funding.